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Creative CFO comprises dynamic professionals with vast industry knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our team is passionate about assisting businesses with achieving their growth goals and proactively contributing to a world where more SMEs exceed.


Effective Communicators
Strong Collaborators
Problem Solvers

Ian Meaker

Group Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer - CPT

Ian started Creative CFO in 2012 shortly after completing his CFA exams. Prior to that he spent 3 years in London at Merrill Lynch and received a B.Bus.Sci at the University of Cape Town with Honours in Finance and majors in Economics and Accounting. He enjoys working at the confluence of finance and technology, helping clients understand their businesses better through building financial systems and solutions. In his spare time, he is a keen trail runner.

Fiona Masuku

Director - Cape Town
Chief Financial Officer - CPT

Fiona has always had a passion for working with Small and Medium Enterprises and enjoys putting her leadership, people, digital and financial skills to good use when devising financial solutions for such businesses. As a seasoned financial professional, she is equipped with a BCom in Economics and Finance from the University of Cape Town, a BCompt in Accounting Science from UNISA and an ACMA, CGMA with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). Fiona enjoys kicking back with a session of either Yoga or Pilates.

Zayne Nabbee

Senior Management Consultant

Zayne Nabbee joined Creative CFO after working as the Financial Manager and Group Accountant for the Oasis Group. In the role of Practice Financial Manager, he oversees and contributes to our full client offering, from initial engagement through to IFRS reporting.

Melissa Rayners

Professional Accountant (SA)
Financial Manager

Melissa joined Creative CFO after working as an Accountant at a private insurance company. Melissa completed her SAIPA articles at Certified Master Accountants and holds a degree in BCom Financial Accounting from Stellenbosch University and the designation of Professional Accountant (SA). In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and participating in outdoor activities. Weekly park runs are a favourite!

Surita Scholtz

Director - Financial Reporting

Surita joined Creative CFO Financial Reporting after running Kilgetty Accounting Services, where she was involved in reporting for medium to listed entities. Surita is heading up the Financial Reporting Department and provides our clients with clear and accurate IFRS compliant financial reporting. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Kate Bohm

LLB and H DipTax
Tax Manager

Kate joined Creative CFO with an LLB and H.Dip in Tax. Kate has work experience in the accounting, legal and investment banking space. As a qualified lawyer and with her tax experience Kate advises clients on their individual and company tax compliance, planning and loves reading.

Meg Bruyns

B.Bus.Sci Information Systems
Employee Success

Meg has a conviction that everyone should thrive in their place of work, and that companies can help create that opportunity for their teams. Her people-passion is also what re-energises her during her free time, as does her delight in being outdoors.

Liesl Strydom

Director - JHB

Liesl joined Creative CFO as a Director of the Johannesburg office. She started her career straight after high school by working as an audit article clerk whilst studying BCom Accounting part-time through UNISA. She then continued to complete her CTA and SAICA board exams and qualified as a CA(SA). Liesl has worked for big corporate companies as well as small-medium enterprises which gave her a broad-spectrum skill set. She has a passion for numbers and believes finance does not have to be boring. Creating financial information that aids businesses in effective decision making make her heart leap out. Liesl is also a gifted photographer and visual storyteller.

Monya Pretorius

Director - JHB

Monya joined Creative CFO as a Director of the Johannesburg office. She has a keen interest in accounting, technology and servicing people. It is her mission to make an impact with her business expertise and to help individuals find balance through saving them time and finding their most effective path. Her passion is to use technology to automate financial processes so that businesses can focus on the interpretation of the results rather than getting stuck finding the answer. Her heart beats warm when she knows that she has saved hours of time for someone.

Nanoeschka Mallett

Business Administrator

Nanoeschka joined Creative CFO after working in a variety of business sectors as a Personal Assistant and Business Administrator. She is an enthusiastic, result-driven creative who enjoys being part of a dynamic and constantly changing environment. She loves outdoor activities, exercising and exploring new places with her family and friends.

Naomi Uys

BSc Computer Science
Senior Systems Specialist

Naomi joined Creative CFO after working as a Financial Advisor for individuals and families for two years. She completed her BSc in Computer Science at the University of South Africa in 2019. She enjoys the ocean, music, reading and loves to go on any adventure.

Nadia Jeppe

Senior Financial Manager

Nadia joined Creative CFO after running her own accounting & tax business. After completing her BA at the University of Stellenbosch, she worked and studied abroad. She completed her Business Administration diploma at the London College of Management and then furthered her studies to receive her B.Compt Accounting at Unisa. She is currently a SAIT member and working towards her CGMA designation. One of the initiatives she created was Local Folk, an online platform where business owners could connect, showcase their products and share knowledge. Nadia enjoys running, chance encounters and cheesecake.

Jacomine Kielblock

BCom (Hons) HRM, MBA
Human Resources

Jacomine has worked with business leaders for more than a decade to help them grow their business through employee experience design and solving HR-related business challenges. Her experience is primarily within Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management and Business Development and is particularly interested in helping small businesses. She is an avid tennis player in a spare time and loves to travel

Genna-Lee Clark

Financial Manager

Genna shares Creative CFO's vision of creating a world where more SMEs succeed and is passionate about providing businesses with cloud-based financial solutions. She has a Bcom degree in Accounting and completed her SAICA articles. She has a fondness for people, coffee, red wine & dark chocolate. She gets fired up when she knows she is making a difference in a business’s success.

Monlee Jordaan

Financial Reporting Specialist

Monlee joined Creative CFO Financial Reporting after working as an Audit Supervisor at BDO where she specialised in financial reporting for SMEs. She believes businesses make better decisions with proper information and is excited to bring her expertise to Creative CFO's clients to keep delivering accurate compliant financial reports. Monlee is currently studying towards her CTA in order to attain her CA(SA) designation. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with family, friends and her two dogs and reading a good book.

Fikiswa Mpetsheni

Hospitality Administrator

Fikiswa joined Creative CFO in January 2020. She enjoys working at Creative CFO specifically because of the friendly team members and environment. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends.

Ryan Schmitz


Ryan has been with Creative CFO since 2020, and prior to that, he completed his studies at the University of Cape Town. Ryan enjoys a first principles and pragmatic approach to solving business challenges. He enjoys working in the financial services and tech industries and has a passion for automation and data. He enjoys helping customers understand their business by providing insights and solutions to unlock growth opportunities. In his spare time, he’s an athlete and enjoys competing in endurance and multisport events.

Johannes Strydom

BCom (Hons) Business Management
Business Accountant

Johannes completed his BCom Honours in Business Management at the University of Potchefstroom. Before joining Creative CFO, he was involved in the agriculture sector, specifically the grain industry, and gained extensive experience in cost and inventory management. He has a passion for analysing data and presenting it in a meaningful way to SME business owners to make informed business decisions. He is also a golf enthusiast and enjoys a braai with family and friends.

Andile Sithole

BCom (Hons) Business Finance
CIMA Associate

Andile grew up in a deep rural community in Richmond Pietermaritzburg. He completed a BCom degree majoring in Finance and Economics and an Honours degree in Business Finance at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Before joining Creative CFO, he worked as a finance intern at Bidvest Waltons. Andile enjoys spending free time with family and close friends, watching movies and reading.

Phumelela Ngcobo

CIMA Associate

Phumelela completed her BCom in Financial Accounting at the University of Cape Town and is currently working towards her CGMA designation. She is excited to learn and grow in the finance industry to establish herself and leave an empowering mark. She recharges by exercising and enjoys modelling, trying out new baking recipes, spending time with family and friends.

Mark Troy

BCom (Hons) Management Accounting
Business Analyst

Mark joined Creative CFO after completing his Honours in Management Accounting at the University of Stellenbosch. He entered this field intending to leverage the expertise of the financial industry to help develop good relationships and synergies in the SME sector. Rational decision making and perspective are the tools he uses to add value to problem-solving for his clients. In his free time, he enjoys most things associated with the ocean and mountains, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Franco Tallie

PGDip Business Management
Business Development Manager

Franco joined Creative CFO after years of experience in the Banking industry, specialising in foreign exchange as an Account Executive. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a PGDip in Business Management. Franco is passionate about engaging with clients to understand their business needs and helping them problem-solve their challenges. In his free time, he loves trail running, surfing, yoga and spending time in nature.

Monique van Niekerk

Business Accountant
BCom Chartered Accountancy

Monique joined Creative CFO in 2022 and obtained a BCom Chartered Accountancy degree from North-West University. A career highlight includes being a valued team member and contributor within each client engagement. Furthermore, she makes an impact by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of accounting processes to enable business owners to make informed decisions. Monique is a strong communicator and believes that creating divined goals and working together to achieve them results in success. She loves working with SMEs because she can assist business owners in reaching these goals and making their dreams a reality while contributing to the country's economy.

Myburgh Bester

Business Accountant

Myburgh joined Creative CFO after plying his trade with an environmental social enterprise. He has a BCom Accounting, a PgDip in Sustainable Development, and is working towards the CGMA designation through CIMA. He firmly believes that business should be leveraged as a force for good. He is excited by the challenge of finding sustainable solutions that benefit companies but ultimately all people and the planet. A career highlight includes assisting an agricultural startup with financial modelling and due diligence requirements to secure an international investment of $500 000 geared towards expansion into three new metros within the Eastern Cape. When he is not working, he cooks or spends time in nature or on a DYI project.

Adriaan Maarschalk

Financial Manager

Adriaan obtained his Bachelor of Honours Accounting degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 2016. He completed his CA articles at Baker Tilly Greenwoods in Cape Town and had a stint of 2 years at Sanne as Assistant Manager. He qualified as a CA(SA) in May 2021. He joined Creative CFO intending to develop his business intuition by engaging and solving complex problems for his clients. Adriaan enjoys actively participating in SMEs’ evolution and moulding process whilst building meaningful relationships therein. He loves to play tennis in his free time and enjoys time in nature, together with a deeply philosophical podcast or engaging book.

Max Linde

Professional Accountant (SA)
Business Accountant

Max holds a BCom Financial Accountancy Honours degree from North-West University. He enjoys being involved in the decision-making process of a business and works closely with management teams to solve problems and understandably communicate complex information. Max is an enthusiastic individual that focuses on hard work, integrity and loyalty. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time on the family farm.

Chloe Sloane

Professional Accountant (SA)
Business Accountant

Chloe joined Creative CFO after working as a Group Financial Manager at Phangela Group. She obtained her BCom Financial Accounting degree from Stellenbosch University in 2017, completing her SAIPA articles at Haumann Rodger Bellville Inc after that. Chloe has a keen interest in the South African and global financial markets and particularly loves working within the versatile SME space as it motivates her to adapt and improve.

Diana Botha

BCom Management Accounting
Business Accountant

Diana completed her B Com Management Accountant degree in 2014 and has over 25 years of experience within the business sector, where 18 years were spent in the hospital industry. She joined Creative CFO after working for a Construction Company. As Financial Manager, she set up their accounting system from scratch to provide the business owners with readily-available financial information and management reports. Diana loves data analysis and financial forecasting alike. Her biggest strengths are that she’s goal-orientated, has excellent interpersonal skills, and can function optimally as an individual and within a team structure. In her spare time she enjoys nature walks and cooking.

Mari-Louise Koen

BCom Management Accounting
CIMA Associate

Before joining Creative CFO, Mari-Louise worked as a SAIPA Clerk at BVSA Bellville. She obtained her BCom Management Accounting degree at North West University and Post Graduate Diploma in Management Accounting in 2022. Mari-Louise is a proactive team player who enjoys contributing to SME growth through her excellent communication and problem-solving skills. She prides herself in consistently delivering accurate and high-quality work to lead a business to success. Outside work, she enjoys a braai with friends or relaxing with a warm soy latte.

Takudzwa Muraicho

BCom Financial Accounting
CIMA Associate

Takudzwa graduated with a BCom Financial Accounting degree from the University of the Western Cape in 2020 and is currently working towards obtaining his CIMA Managerial Level. Before joining the Creative CFO team, Takudzwa was a trainee accountant performing independent reviews for SMEs and conducting external audits. He is a diligent and performance-driven professional dedicated to working closely with business owners to make their passion a reality. His inherent sense of responsibility, combined with an analytical mindset, is a strength he leverages to execute his work excellently. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, visiting wine farms, or taking leisurely walks along the beach.

Arthur Mwamadi

BCom (Hons) Accounting Sciences
CIMA Associate

Arthur obtained his Bachelor of Accounting Honours at the University of Johannesburg in 2020. Further, he completed the SAICA Initial Test of Competence in 2021 and the APT Professional competence development Programme in 2022. He is a positive, focused, analytical professional with an extensive accounting and external audit background. Arthur loves working with SMEs because they facilitate the creation of a broader entrepreneurial base consisting of small industrial owners and operators. In his spare time, he likes participating in sports, particularly running and swimming or reading a good book.

Michelle Botha

Professional Accountant (SA)
CIMA Adv Dip in MA
Business Accountant

Michelle holds a BCompt in Management Accountancy and Post Graduate Diploma in Management Accounting from UNISA. She obtained her CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting and is in the midst of completing her Strategic Level. A career highlight includes playing a part in selecting, setting up and implementing an accounting system for a business from scratch to provide it with readily-available financial information and management reports. Michelle is a performance-driven professional that utilises her analytical, detail-orientated and exceptional communication skills to deliver high-quality work. She enjoys CrossFit or taking weekend trips to explore KZN and its surroundings in her leisure time.

Danika van Heerden

Financial Manager

Danika holds a BCom Accounting Science Honours degree from the University of South Africa and is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor. She joined Creative CFO after working as a Financial Manager at a property investment group, where she ensured the effective running of the finance department and played an integral part in achieving profits for all operational entities by implementing robust cash flow monitoring. She enjoys identifying areas of improvement within a business and working closely with clients to implement internal controls and procedures. Danika values clear and concise communication and knowledge sharing and can easily explain complex concepts. She loves spending time in nature with her two dogs in her spare time.

Aidan Bouah

BCom Financial Accounting
CIMA Associate

Aidan obtained his BCom Financial Accounting degree from the University of Western Cape in 2022. He joined Creative CFO after working at Moore Cape Town as a SAIPA trainee. Aidan utilises his strong interpersonal and technology skills to solve complex problems and provide clients with high-quality work. In his spare time, he enjoys five-a-side soccer and gaming. He is also a professional eSports player for Orlando Pirates FC.

Simone Cornelius

CIMA Associate

Simone is pursuing a Bachelor of Financial Accounting at the University of South Africa. After working as a junior accountant for an SME-specialised firm, she joined Creative CFO. She excels in addressing SME challenges, streamlining financial processes, and leveraging her communication skills to benefit customers. Outside of work, Simone values family time, reads non-fiction, and maintains her fitness through running and hiking.

Lonwabo Mbabama

CIMA Associate

Lonwabo is a dedicated professional with a passion for SME business development, leveraging cloud technology and data analysis for informed decision-making. He takes great satisfaction in assisting customers in achieving their business objectives through data-driven solutions. What he values most in his work with SMEs is the potential for their growth to have a positive impact on society as a whole. During his free time, he enjoys spending moments with family and friends, reading, and going on hiking trips.

Paige Voigt

CIMA Associate

Paige matriculated from St Stithians Girl's College in 2019 with 4 distinctions. She then went on to complete her BCom Management Accounting undergraduate degree at Stellenbosch University in 2022. Thereafter she was accepted into Honours for Management Accounting at Stellenbosch University in 2023 and has just graduated with a 65% average. Paige is very excited to begin the next chapter as a CIMA Associate at Creative CFO.

Anzel Smit

Business Accountant

Anzel qualified as a CA(SA) in January 2024 after completing her studies at UNISA and her CA articles at PKF Cape Town. She is a hard-working individual with a willingness to learn, a need to be challenged and an ability to adapt to any circumstances she finds herself in. In her free time, Anzel enjoys reading, hiking, arts and crafts and spending time with family and friends.

Chris Jacobson

Business Accountant

Chris is an accountant with experiencing ranging from Auditing, Accounting, Taxation and Legal Contracts. He studied BCom Accounting and an LLB (Law), and is am working towards obtaining his CIMA accreditation. Chris believes in mutual respect for all and having a positive mindset always.

Leandé Vermaak

BCom (Hons) Financial Accounting
Business Accountant

Leandé joined Creative CFO after 8 years of accounting experience in the financial and environmental finance industries. After graduating with a BCom Honours in Financial Accounting from the Northwest University, she registered with SAIPA as a Professional Accountant and Tax Practitioner. She is currently working towards her CGMA designation through CIMA. She uses her skill set of precision, analytical thinking and logical reasoning to find creative and pragmatic solutions to business problems. Always thriving on new challenges, you may find her doing volunteer work with penguins over weekends. She also enjoys dance, art and yoga classes in her free time.

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