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Financial Systems

Using and developing the world's best financial software, tools and services that enable your business to plan, structure, invest and grow.

Business Management

Building the world's best finance team for your business by applying empathy and effort to solve the challenges you face.

Business Intelligence

Bringing in-depth analysis and insights to SMEs, through years of professional experience with the latest automation and reporting technology.

What our clients say

Creative CFO cannot be more highly recommended! We have felt very well looked after since using their services. Max Linde, who runs our account, is a pleasure to work with – he is extremely responsive, has come to understand our business in a very short space of time and goes the extra length for our needs.

Catherine Humphries
Director at blank projects

What our clients say

I just had the pleasure of dealing with CreativeCFO while converting our payroll system from Sage to SimplePay (+100 employees). The process was simple they were kind enough to hold my hand through the entire process. The post service support we have received has been amazing.

Big thank you to both Marylee and Realm, I know we weren’t the easiest but hopefully we were your favorite. Looking forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Gregg Daly
Financial Director at Boldr.

What our clients say

I can’t imagine our business without CreativeCFO, they’ve helped us streamline and handle everything from payroll, to VAT, to reporting and forecasting. Their whole team is so knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. We highly recommend them for anything to do with your business finances!

Richard Eltringham
Co-Founder of Digital Butter

What our clients say

Creative CFO manages our financial accounts as well as our systems which integrate our accounting software (Xero), stock control software (Dear) and online shopping platform (Shopify). Our experience with Creative CFO has always been professional and friendly, and I believe that this team is one of the most expert teams in South Africa who deal with Dear and Xero. I recommend them highly.

Amy Weare
Chief Operating Officer at We Are Food
  • Case Study

Redefining Financial Consultancy for a Dutch Investment Manager

At Creative CFO, we go beyond traditional financial consulting. Our mission is to foster the success of SMEs through deep relationships, innovative problem-solving, and bespoke financial solutions.  Envisioning a world where every SME thrives, we’re excited to share the story of our partnership with an alternative investment manager in The Hague. This case study highlights the challenges we faced, the strategies we employed, and the value we added to their business while embodying the key traits of a great finance team.

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About Us
Our Values

Nine years ago, we set out on a mission to create a world-class growth platform that provides SMEs with financial clarity, peace of mind and high-growth opportunities.

During this journey, we have supported several hundred SMEs to improve their ability to run sustainable businesses, develop a world-class offering, hire more employees and support skills transfer in their communities.

This work enabled us to build an extensive network, become a leader in the SME ecosystem, and foster relationships with founders, executives, and employees. As a result, we have a thorough understanding of the businesses we work with, their finances, operations, and the human capital behind them.

These businesses vary in nature, size, and industry. As a result, our professional finance and investment teams have developed a unique skill-set geared towards identifying the challenges that SMEs face, addressing them and, in doing so, enabling SMEs to succeed.

Understanding: Know your customer and their business
By understanding what your customers do and why they do it, you can help them build their business.

Respect: Treat people and businesses with respect
Building strong relationships with customers requires trust and confidentiality.

Innovation: Be willing to listen and solve any problem
Innovative solutions come from solving small problems brilliantly, so be open to listening to your customers and finding solutions.

Performance: Get to work
Use your experience and skills, with the full support of your team, to confidently deliver exceptional results.

Well-being: Live sustainably
Strive for a sustainable balance between yourself, your community, and the environment to maintain your well-being.