Systems Newsletter - Xero Projects, Xero Expenses and Xero's Integration with Shopify

February 05, 2018

Systems Newsletter - Xero Projects, Xero Expenses and Xero's Integration with Shopify

January has been Xero's month, with a lot of new features becoming available in 2018. Given that the South African Roadshow was a couple of weeks ago, I also thought a focus on Xero, for this month's newsletter, would be appropriate.

1. Xero Projects

Watch Xero Projects Video

I am sure you have already noticed the new "Projects" button at the top of your screen!

The new project module is a great tool for business owners and has a number of uses. One can now do projects and costings that span over a period of time. Costs such as labour can easily be assigned to a project giving a clear view of profitability.

My favourite feature, of this new module, is that you can now do multiple invoices as part of a whole or "estimate". This gives a nice view of what has been invoiced and what still needs to be invoiced. We are currently working on a large implementation for a customer who will most likely be our first customer to adopt this feature. See screenshot below:

If you'd like to try Xero projects, it is free for the first month (for any amount of users), thereafter it's $7 per user per month (for the first user) and $5 for additional users.

View Xero Projects Pricing

2. Xero Expenses 

(Please Note: The app has been rebranded as "Xero Expenses" since this video)

Watch Xero Expenses Video

Xero Expenses serves a similar purpose to Receipt Bank and it's Xero's way of trying to capture that market share. The concept is basically the same Photo -> Publish -> Bill. Since we all use Receipt Bank I won't go into too much detail about this one.

At the moment the app is free to download and use, but I get the feeling it may become a paid service later. It is now available on the South African AppStore and PlayStore.


3. Xero Shopify Integration

Just a quick one on some learnings whilst working on this for a customer


  1. Invoices/orders only come through to Xero when marked as paid (even if unfulfilled).
  2. If invoices/orders are paid LATER and the invoice date is before the LOCK DATE the invoice will not come through.
  3. You can manually export invoices/orders to Xero that have not come through automatically. To do this, ensure that your lock date has been cleared and that your export range covers both the order date and the payment date.
The takeaway from this is to ensure that orders are paid promptly and that orders pending payment are removed from the system. If an order hangs as unpaid (in Shopify) for longer than a week, it should be followed up on and removed if necessary. The danger is that if the order is paid later, the invoice will not end up in Xero as the periods may be locked.

Hope you enjoyed the 3 bits of information above.

If you have any questions regarding this month's newsletter, please let me know.

Jason Proctor   (Creative CFO - Systems Team)

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