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Turnover Tax (TT03) Assistance

What is Turnover Tax?

Turnover Tax is a simplified tax rate that is based on your qualifying annual turnover amount.

You can read the guidance from SARS here and follow their quick test to see if it applies to you

Unfortunately, the annual turnover tax return cannot be submitted online and needs to be manually submitted at the branch.

  Creative CFO can help with this process and will :

  • Review your qualifying turnover and confirm you are still eligible for Turnover Tax
    • Calculate the amount of tax you must pay under the Turnover Tax system
    • Complete the TT03 form and gather your signature
    • Unfortunately not make a trip to a SARS branch to submit - Client to submit at a branch
    • Assist you with a payment to settle any outstanding tax assessment due to the submitted return

      If SARS would like to do further audits on your business documentation beyond what we supply this will incur an additional charge from our side to assist.

      We will need an engagement letter signed prior to any tax work, which will be sent by the practice team after checkout.