Financial Modeling

We will be able to assist with building a financial model to determine the % split. We will also map out the different outcomes based on the number of products/subscriptions sold. We will also consider what the most practical calculation method would be, taking into account the available internal reports to ensure that future calculations of this % split are streamlined.
Our Process:
1. Business Structure Analysis and Financial Model Preparation
    • We set up a planning session where we discuss the exact outcome that we would like to achieve
    • We will also work through the discussions that you have had to date
    • This will take the form of a workshop, where we will identify the key areas and variables that we need to include in the model
    • We will run through each line item that will affect the financial model.
    2. Financial Model Building
    • Due to the bespoke nature of the model with variable input cells and different scenarios, an excel model would be best suited as this can be tailored to your exact situation
    3. 1st Draft
    • You will be supplied with a draft model - version 1 that will be a fully working model that you can play with
    • This will give you an opportunity to provide us with feedback on improvements
    4. Final Model and Close Out Meeting
    • We will take your feedback to heart, make any necessary changes and provide you with a final working model that you can use for your negotiation discussions
    • Once a deal is reached, this model becomes a management tool that can be used to predict future revenue and cash flow

    When you check out you may select a quantity of 1 and we will get in touch with a confirmation of what information we will need from you to get started.