Independent Business Reviews

A business review is an informed and objective assessment of the existing commercial and financial position of a company to determine its future viability. The output resulting from the assessment is presented in a report for both internal and (authorised) external stakeholders.  The review includes a stress test of managements' business strategy and plans against real challenges and opportunities, evaluates the risk of meeting forecasts, and identifies potential upside.

In performing this review, we would focus on:

  • Market prospects;
  • Customer and product profitability;
  • Working capital;
  • Funding structures; and
  • Management process.

Our process would follow a two-part roadmap:

Part 1 - We would analyse available data and information and set up an initial consultation with management, to obtain an understanding of the business, the key strategy, and the most significant drivers supporting this strategy. The role of the drivers in the business operations and financial results will be investigated at a high level, and interim feedback will be presented to you. At this stage, you can decide to act on the feedback internally or we would enact Part 2.

Part 2 - We would deep dive into the analysis framework and interrogate those aspects of the business identified as critical to the future success and growth of the company. Recommendations will be made regarding possible changes to the business model and/or operations and suggestions proposed to further streamline the business and support the strategic focus of the company. The findings and outcomes will be presented in a report that can be used internally and externally.

The interim feedback and more specifically, the report, can assist management in addressing the areas of the business that are identified to refine current processes and policies, and introduce cost savings, optimise operating efficiencies and generally streamline and refine the business model to strengthen net cash inflows and the operating performance.

Areas that would be reported on include, but are not limited to:

  • The current trading and financial position;
  • The current balance sheet and risks to asset values;
  • Profitability and cash flow projections and sensitivity analysis;
  • Business and financial strategies’
  • The business plan;
  • Managements’ employment of the strategies;
  • The marketplace and competition; and
  • The corporate and group structure.

Due to the specific nature of this product and the different scope  for each independent business review, our prices start at R15,000 (ex VAT) and can  only be confirmed once we have conducted a planning and scoping meeting.

We look forward to becoming your strategic advisor.

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