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Investment Advisory Focus Session

An Investment Advisory Focus Session is a dedicated block of time where you will get to work exclusively with one of our investment team members to achieve clearly defined outcomes. The Focus Session can be used for any topic that you believe is best suited to an investment and/or corporate finance skill-set. Examples of topics addressed during these sessions include financial modelling; business valuations; due diligence; deal structuring; investor presentations, and capital raising strategies.

A typical Focus Session process is as follows:

  • Virtual meeting to clearly define the outcomes
  • Collate information
  • Planning, where we add the tasks to a prioritised agenda
  • Commence tasks
  • Conclude the session by sending you closing notes together with the deliverables that have been completed

Support is provided remotely via video conferencing where required. In-person or in-office support can be provided upon request.

We will work efficiently throughout the Focus Session but cannot provide guarantees on finishing all tasks in the dedicated block of time. If this is the case, we will provide an estimation at the end of the Focus Session, of how much additional support will be required to complete the relevant tasks.

You are free to determine the extent to which you require our support by deciding how many focus sessions you require to advance specific deliverables.  The duration of one Focus Session is 1.5-hours.