Investment Analysis

This could incorporate select functionality offered within our Independent Business Review and Financial Modelling Services.

Even successful companies face headwinds. Our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to develop management tools to face the challenges and emerge with an improved EBITDA and cash flow, to maximise value and improve the overall performance of the company, no matter what the trading conditions.

Liquidity is the ability to convert assets to cash and levers that support the conversion include pricing, costing, the cost of capital, and risk strategies. We offer pragmatic advice and practical support combined to assist in achieving real, quantifiable results.

Our process would unfold as follows:

  • An initial planning workshop between you and our team, to establish the ideal outcome that you would like to achieve, and determine the focus areas and key variables that will influence our approach
  • We will then proceed to perform a funding and liquidity risk identification and assessment
  • This will allow us to outline the optimal funding profile and level of liquidity for the business, including debt capacity and serviceability
  • Where necessary, our assessment will include a capital risk assessment and stress testing of fundamental variables
  • We will present you with our findings and recommendations on liquidity levels that provide optimal benefits to the company without stressing cash flows, efficient working capital management, and if included in the mandate, a cash flow forecast model to allow for daily and monthly cash flow management.

Due to the specific nature of this product and the different scope  involved with each case, our prices start at R10,000 (ex VAT) and can only be  confirmed once we have conducted a planning and scoping meeting.

We look forward to becoming your investment partner.