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Pitch Deck

This product is a precursor to and compliments the Information Memorandum.

A pitch deck is an essential tool used in communicating your business to a target audience such as a potential investor, new client or even a strategic supplier. At the heart of it, it is a concise visual layout of the critical elements of your business in the form of “slides”, and can be used either in the context of a presentation (to support an IM) or on its own. 

What role does a pitch deck play?

Generally used during those times when your business is taking its next big step, a pitch deck is your ally on the front line. The process of creating a pitch deck is incredibly valuable for a business owner as it is an exercise in identifying what information the target audience is looking for and then relaying this in a succinct and effective format.

These days opportunities present themselves when we least expect them, and chance encounters with the right people can often lead to fruitful business relationships. Having a pitch deck ready to send in moments like these allows a business owner to take advantage of the initial excitement, while not overloading the person with too much information.

What role would Creative CFO play?

A pitch deck is essentially used as a filter, and the target audience will use it to quickly determine if they want to know more about your business or not. There are two aspects to a successful pitch deck in this regard. Firstly, what is the correct information to display, and secondly, what is the best way to display the information.

On the first point, Creative CFO is well versed in understanding what type of information different target audiences are looking for. For example, a potential investor would put more emphasis on business valuation while a potential client would put more emphasis on product quality and security of supply. Creative CFO works hand in hand with the business owner to identify the necessary and relevant information.

Regarding the second point, Creative CFO uses its own marketing department and expertise to build the pitch deck. Subtle formatting, editing, and content placement techniques can often mean the difference between success and failure. For example, in trying to display geographic information such as sales per region, it would be more impactful to overlay this information on a map rather than a simple bar chart or pie diagram.

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