Employee Review Process

Team members appreciate a structured feedback process at least once a year, ideally more. It's a platform for open, honest communication that drives individual growth and development.

We have built out a 360 degree process that asks for:

  • Team members feedback on their own performance
  • Team members feedback on their manager
  • Manager feedback on their team members
  • Team members feedback on their team members

The insight gained through this process is invaluable to keep in alignment for the medium and long term goals of the company and individual.

Creative CFO can help with this process by:

  • Providing curated background reading and tips to get you up to speed on the latest review thinking
  • Hold an initial 2 hour workshop to discuss the aims of the review process
  • Build a set of 360 degree review forms for your company in Google Forms*
  • Hold a follow up 2 hour workshop to ensure you are confident with the functionality and to commence the process.

*We've used Google Forms as it's an easy to use and accessible platform that we can customise to your requirements, more so than a lot of the other applications that provide this review functionality.

Please check out with QTY of 1 and we will contact you to set up the first workshop.