Still reading? Okay, then here’s the story in the first person. When I got back from London in early 2012 I’d been away from South Africa for four years. The first six months were spent driving from Cape Town to Cairo to London via the East coast of Africa. Travelling but also doing fieldwork for Heart, a local NGO. Six friends, a lot of experiences and an insight into many different peoples and walks of life, which left permanent impressions. What followed was a corporate job in London and, for the last two months, Dublin. Arriving back in South Africa I spent a few months studying for CFA level 3, and passed. Whew.

Then, through re-connecting with old friends, I was exposed to the drive and energy that is transforming Woodstock, Cape Town, into one of the most exciting places for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Amy Ellenbogen, a creative mind and connector, introduced me to several local business owners and when they asked me what I did the best way to describe myself at that point was the “finance guy.” They all said they needed one of those. As an entrepreneur at heart I wanted to create a business that could solve the problems people were having in understanding the financial requirements and return of their businesses. I reviewed the best emerging cloud based financial technology and it made sense. These platforms allowed me to efficiently collaborate with business owners, build a solid platform to underpin their businesses, and most importantly, help them become more connected to their business financials and make better decisions. Great technology combined with my drive to understand and explain financial concepts has created the business we run today.