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Xero is a cloud-based accounting system that provides the best user experience for business owners, managers and financial team members. The core features allow for customer and supplier invoicing, live bank feeds, an asset register and customisable reporting for the performance and position of the business

There are 3 steps to successfully implement and run a new financial system, these are:

Step 1:

Systems analysis and implementation

Our method of doing a business and systems analysis prior to implementation has always created a more intuitive and easy to use set of accounts and management reports for the business owner and financial team.

Our Systems Analysis and Xero Implementation product is available below:


Loading of historical financial data

Once the Xero accounting system has been set up and customised to your current business structure and financial requirements we need to load the historical financial data.This is a mandatory step to ensure you can report on a full financial year and that all your customer, supplier, bank and transaction account balances are right and match your old system at the conversion date.

Our Xero historical financial data product is available below:

Step 3:

Ongoing training and support

Once your system is set up and running it’s important to know who you can reach out to for support.

There are 2 main options: 

1. Xero’s built in support- Xero has great built in support which is part of your subscription. This can be accessed off each page within Xero or from this portal 

2. Contact a professional systems team to assist. 

We provide this support through our problem solving sessions, available off our website.

Each step is really important, let’s work together to see which parts you can manage with your existing capacity and which parts are best done by partnering with Creative CFO.

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