Alignment of Corporate Structure to the Group Strategy (Corporate Simplification)

This could incorporate select functionality offered within our Independent Business Review and Financial Modelling Services.

The alignment of structure to strategy is a clarification of the group strategy and simplification of the corporate structure to lead the company in a unified direction that best works for the business. It allows for clearly defined roles and responsibilities and identifies who makes what decisions.Ā 


Benefits of the alignment include:

  • Clear and transparent accounting enabled;
  • Improved customer experience;
  • Better acknowledgement of individual responsibility and accountability;
  • Pulls together people into cohesive collaborative teams where they need to work together;
  • Introduces an unrestricted flow of information to where it is most needed; and
  • Enhances communication channels.


Our process would unfold as follows:

  • An initial planning workshop between you and our team, to establish the ideal outcome that you would like to achieve, and determine the focus areas and key variables that will influence this
  • We will then analyse the strategy provided and the group structure, including an assessment by function, product, customer segment, business process or a hybrid matrix as best fits the business (this may include further fact-finding meetings with you and/or relevant stakeholders)
  • The first draft of a report marrying the strategy and structure will be submitted to you for discussion and comments to be added
  • From this feedback, a final report will be sculpted and presented to you for final handover
  • Following this closeout meeting, you will own a report that will be useful in supporting future decisions, strategic actions and discussions with external stakeholders

Due to the specific nature of this product and the different scopeĀ  involved with each set of facts, our prices start at R10,000 (ex VAT) and can only beĀ  confirmed once we have conducted a planning and scoping meeting.

We look forward to becoming your strategic advisor.