Business Structuring Consultation

Creative CFO has put together an upfront assessment package to analyse the legal and tax structure of your business.

We will then recommend any changes to the structure that could allow you to utilise favourable small business tax treatment whilst considering the legal structure in relation to your business activity.

This assessment includes:

  • Review of current business form and provide an explanation of the different entity forms available
  • An explanation of the different taxes and rates for individuals, businesses as well as the tax legislation to help, such as turnover tax and small business tax rates
  • Review of current tax position - outstanding tax returns and dates of upcoming submissions
  • A calendar of your annual South African Revenue Service (“SARS”) deadlines
  • A list of useful tools and free resources to assist in dealing with tax return compilation and questions

When you check out you may select a quantity of 1 and we'll get in touch with a confirmation of what information we'll need from you to get started.

For businesses with less than R1million turnover per annum expected please choose the Micro option.