Cash Flow Forecasts

Understanding your cash flow is vital for your business and forecasting plays an important role in your finances. Our cash flow forecast is a document that helps you estimate the amount of money that’ll move in and out of your business over a predetermined period of time. Cash flow forecasts typically cover the next 12 months, but can also be used for shorter periods of time – for example a week or a month. 

A cash flow forecast allows you to:

  • Show you whether your business is meeting expectations. By comparing your actual income and expenses with your forecast, you can see which areas of your business are over or underperforming and act accordingly.
  • Help budget for equipment purchases or identify the need for a small business loan, which is very useful for your tax preparation.
  • Adapt quickly and accurately to the effects of planned business changes. For example, if you’re planning on hiring new employees, you can add the salary and related costs to see how it’ll affect your business’s financial position.
  • Include a sensitivity analysis of key variables to show their effect on cash flows.
  • Show your ability to repay the debt to lenders.
  • Determine if you need to make adjustments to your operating expenses.

Running hypothetical business changes through your cash flow forecast is a great way to predict their impact. If you can predict any cash surpluses or shortages on the horizon, you’ll be able to make informed business decisions. You can also run best and worst-case scenarios to see how your business will cope in difficult times, if trading is better than projected, or if new opportunities present themselves.

At Creative CFO we want to enhance peace of mind for you. We will work with you to understand your cash flows and apply this to build a robust forecast to support your business decisions. A dynamic analysis of cash inflows and outflows, both actual and forecast, will energise your business strategy and enhance management’s focus for optimal performance and financial results.

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