CIPC - Director /Member Amendment

If a company changes or restructures and Directors or Members join or leave, these changes will need to be lodged at CIPC via an amendment process.

You can find out more from CIPC by following these links for  Director changes and  Membership changes

Creative CFO can help with this amendment process and will:

  • Determine all the details regarding the company and the directors/members
  • Compile all supporting documents that are necessary for the registration 
  • Ensure all supporting documents are acceptable to CIPC
  • Apply for the registration and submit the supporting documents to CIPC
  • Tracking the application and ensure it is successfully processed

When you check out please select the number of Directors you need to be amended.

Each addition or removal is a single QTY. Once the order is complete we'll get in touch with a confirmation of what information we need from you to get started.