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Share Register, Share Certificates and Director's Resolutions

The Companies Act requires all companies to keep a register of its shares from the date of incorporation as well as any changes made to the shareholding throughout the life of the business.

The Register is like the ID book of the company containing all the relevant information of the shareholders, both past and present. 

You can  find out more regarding a share register here

Creative CFO can help with this process and will:

  • Gather the company registration information
  • Create a digital share register for you
  • Create director's resolutions for all share transactions
  • Create share certificates for each  transaction
  • Import all share transactions into the register

Please select the appropriate option below and we'll get in touch with a confirmation of what information we'll need from you to get started.

If you are not 100% sure of all the transactions, or there are more than specified, check out and we'll confirm any final updates required to the service and price based on the notes you supply.