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Financial Management Focus Session

A focus session is a dedicated session with an account manager to run through any aspect of your financial management. This can be operational, processes, accounting and tax or other financial queries.

The Focus session approach

  1. Collate all your queries
  2. Add the tasks to a prioritised agenda according to your instruction, or if no guidance given then based on the best estimate of the deadlines.
  3. Send out the agenda for the focus session, indicating all the tasks and priority with the estimated date of completion
  4. Commence tasks and monitor communication channels for any intra-session updates
  5. Conclude the session by sending the closing notes which includes the agenda items completed and an estimated time remaining to complete the outstanding items.


Support is provided remotely via screen share and video conferencing, and we will provide the Google Meet link to facilitate this. Given this is a once off booking availability will be provided as soon as possible.

In-person, in-office support is also provided upon request. If you would like this to be a live training session, please let us know in the notes on checkout.

We will work efficiently throughout the session but cannot provide guarantees on finishing all tasks. Certain advanced taxation, legal and technical systems research may also be referenced to another session with the specific team.