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Learn to facilitate online team or board meetings

What is online meeting facilitation?

When running an online meeting, from a team catchup to a board meeting, the role of the facilitator is key.

This facilitator role must follow a pre-defined, and published, format, to allow the smooth running of the meeting so that each person who is required to contribute is aware of their responsibilities and can do so.

The aim is to ensure all meeting attendees have the opportunity to raise relevant agenda items, to ensure there is sufficient time to discuss and make the appropriate decisions and to co-ordinate action points for subsequent work.

Doing all of that, in a way that enhances collaboration and human connection is not easy, but there are some simple structures that can help you very quickly. Further, running a meeting is a skill, and the sooner you actively develop it the better, regardless of your role in the organisation.

To read our online article of how to run an online team catchup, please do so here.

Creative CFO can help you develop this competency internally with one of our Directors and a Project Manager:

  • Performing an initial analysis session with the current facilitators or Director to understand what you want to achieve out of your specific meeting type and identify specific tactical and governance issues that can be remedied
  • Running a set of meetings with your chosen internal facilitator shadowing and learning the process
  • Documenting each meeting in a cloud-based task management system, your own or ours (Asana)
  • Supporting the development of your internal task, meeting and project management capacity with our processes developed over the years by professionals operating online and remotely.

Please choose the online meeting type below and after checking out we will get in touch to schedule the initial session.