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Find, Assess, Verify and Hire a permanent staff member

Finding good financial talent to fit into your team is not easy. Creative CFO in collaboration with our specialised HR Team, Luvera, can help you in this important undertaking to find and assess a permanent candidate for a financial role in your business.

We use the network of financial professionals that we interact with on a daily basis, as well as digital recruitment platforms, to find you a guaranteed minimum number of potential candidates.

We use our experience of helping hundreds of businesses run their financial operations to assess your candidate's technical ability for the role with our own tailored Excel-based skills assessments. Our assessments test knowledge of Income Statements, Balance Sheets, VAT, PAYE, Tax Scenarios, Budgeting and more.

These assessments in conjunction with an introductory interview we perform to confirm the candidates understanding of the role, will give you peace of mind in terms of technical ability, the final fit is up to you.

The recruitment structure we offer is built on a successful track record of building strong financial teams and our fee structure is incentivised to place long-term candidates to help you grow your business.

The process is:

  • Initial interview with the decision makers to draw up the role description. We have seen hundreds of job specs and can help.
  • We commence the candidate search and identify the top 10 candidates for the role out of the responses.
  • We conduct an introductory interview to explain the role and perform a technical assessment of the candidates
  • Out of the top 10 we will supply you with at least 3 assessed and technically competent candidates.
  • The fit is your decision, and we will supply an additional 3 candidates if you do not find a suitable fit first time around.

There is a fixed upfront fee per candidate placement covering the above process and a 5% placement percentage based on the total candidate cost to the company of the first 12 months.

You can select the number of candidate placements below and on receipt of order, we will be in touch to confirm the details of the role and time slots for the initial interview to kick off the process.