SARS - Acting as the company Public Officer

What is a Public Officer?

A public officer is a representative taxpayer for a company, and therefore we will serve as the face of the company for tax purposes. All actions carried out in our capacity as a public officer are deemed to have been done by the company. A company is required to appoint a public officer within one month after the company begins to carry on a business or acquires an office in South Africa. To qualify as a public officer a person has to be a natural person who is resident in South Africa.

The public officer is responsible for attending to the tax affairs of a company, and is deemed to be answerable for the numerous activities and duties which are required to be performed by the company, including, inter alia:

  1. The submission of annual tax returns and provisional tax returns
  2. Registration as a taxpayer and as an employer
  3. Submission of employees’ tax monthly declarations and annual returns
  4. Notification of address changes and
  5. Acceptance of notices served against the company

This also includes the drafting of the secretarial documents:

  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Resolutions
  • Letter of Acceptance

When you check out you may select a quantity of 1 and we'll get in touch with a confirmation of what information we'll need from you to get started.

This price is for a director of Creative CFO to act as the public officer for a 12 month period whereafter this service can be renewed for the next 12 month period.

This also covers the applicable in insurance that we need to obtain to cover ourselves for the risk that we are taking on.