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Securities Transfer Tax Declaration

Securities transfer tax (STT) is levied on the transfer of shares at a rate of 0.25% of the value of the transferred shares. STT is payable by the purchaser however certain exemptions can apply.

Creative CFO can help with this process and will:

  • Assist with the completion of the e-Filing declaration for all share transfers (and possible application of exemptions) within 30 days of the date of transfer; and
  • Assist with the payment process of STT.

Please note:

  • If the securities transfer tax is not paid in full within the set period, interest will be charged at the set rate;
  • A 10% penalty will also be applied, if any amount remains unpaid after the prescribed period or if the taxpayer fails to declare or makes an incorrect statement on the declaration form

When you check out you may select a quantity of 1 and we will get in touch with a confirmation of what information we will need from you to get started.

Disclaimer: We will endeavour to assist you to the best of our ability with the request with the South African Revenue Service ("SARS"). Our service includes but is not limited to the collection of all information and preparation of the form as required, however, the request for additional information and verification remains at SARS’ discretion.

All information as provided by you, is considered true and accurate and Creative CFO will not be held responsible or liable for any omissions or misrepresentation on your part nor for any delays on SARS processing time.