Taxation Support and Treatment Analysis

If you need tax support for a set of financial transactions then please use one of our analysis sessions.

This includes a period of initial research, a morning or full day, and practical treatment advice with a follow-up meeting to run through.

Once you've checked out we will request any documentation you have on hand and use this for the analysis. This could include contracts, invoices and general background information on the transactions.

After the analysis session, we will then send over the booking link and get the call or in-person meeting set up to discuss findings.

The call takes place remotely via screen share and video conferencing, and we will provide the Google Meet link to facilitate this. In-person meetings take place at our offices in Woodstock.

Please use the amount of time recommended by a Creative CFO team member, but if you are unsure choose a morning.

We'll review and provide as much guidance as possible within the analysis time and the follow-up meeting.

We cannot guarantee outputs from this initial research product but a t the end of the session, or shortly after, we will collate your key issues and provide you with a cost estimate to provide further guidance.