Financial Systems Case Study: The Tile House

By Louise de Nysschen on 05 Nov 2018

Gaining operational independence and control through two leading cloud-based systems: Dear Inventory and Xero Accounting

Business Type: Manufacturing

Industry: Building Materials

Size: 40+ employees, 2 locations

Region: South Africa

Integrations: Dear, Xero

Customers Since: June 2018


Tile House Sales Staff large

John Almon established The Tile House in 1988 – a hands-on family run business that sources and supplies high-quality tile products to the South African market.

In 2018 they decided to break away from a larger retail group and needed to become fully independent. This was their opportunity to move away from a centralised and bureaucratic laden  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and migrate on to two comprehensive, understandable and affordable cloud-based systems, where real-time information is available, instantly.

The Tile House, subsequently approached Creative CFO’s systems experts to assist them with the implementation. With the Creative CFO’s deep technical knowledge and extensive experience in Dear Inventory and Xero Accounting, John and his management team could look forward to a seamless and stress-free systems implementation and roll out.

In this case study you will discover:

  • The key challenges the Tile House faced 
  • A deeper look into the key solutions Creative CFO offered and set up through Dear and Xero in order to solve their current problems
  • The Creative CFO Systems Implementation Process
  • Where to book a Creative CFO Systems Analysis

View the full case study to find out how Creative CFO successfully replaced and upgraded a full-fledged corporate group ERP with Dear and Xero.

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