About us.

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What we value


Know your customer and their business
If you know what they do and why they do it, you can help them build it.


Treat people and businesses with respect
Relationships are built on trust. Customer confidentiality is paramount.


Be willing to listen and solve any problem
Innovative solutions are an interconnected web of small problems solved brilliantly.


Get to work
Use your experience and skills, with the full support of the team, to confidently deliver exceptional results.


Live sustainably
Strive for a sustainable balance between self, community and the environment.

About Us

Creative CFO was founded in 2013.

During this journey, we have supported several hundred SMEs to improve their ability to run sustainable businesses, develop a world-class offering, hire more employees and support skills transfer in their communities.

This work enabled us to build an extensive network, become a leader in the SME ecosystem, and foster relationships with founders, executives, and employees. As a result, we thoroughly understand the businesses we work with.

Our team of professionals collaborate seamlessly across borders, using, adapting and developing the best technology to help businesses plan, structure, invest and grow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the world’s best finance teams

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